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Amid the glitz and glamour of this week’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was a reminder, in black, that we have a responsibility to something greater.

ACT Responsible champions the advertising community’s contributions to social causes. This week’s highlight is the Black Expo, where visitors to Cannes, as well as the general public, can stop by, check out more than 150 campaigns from 87 agencies and vote for their favorite campaigns related to a social cause.

Advertising and social causes may not be obvious bedfellows, but as the presentation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pointed out: “As communications professionals, we have an innate ability to spread a message and persuade people to take action. That is a powerful tool, and one that could be used for good. As citizens of the world, we have an obligation to do so.”

At an afternoon tribute organized by the Cannes City Hall, Daniel Morel, CEO of Wunderman, and other advertising executives were honored for their contributions.

As Bernard Brochand, Mayor of Cannes, said, “It is very important to show that in order to convince people, creative ideas are always the most powerful tool for us, and for advertising.”

Wunderman is dedicated to the issue of sustainability, with a task force promoting sustainable issues, providing tool kits and guidelines for the network and the industry, and celebrating the work. By supporting the Black Expo financially, personally and professionally (with These Days’ FEVE work being a featured campaign), we’re continuing on that mission.


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  • Wunderman’s Sustainability goals are to ensure our own business operations not only meet but exceed the targets set out by WPP and to be aligned with our clients’ goals and objectives around this important issue.

    Trish Wheaton
    June 22, 2012

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