Brands, Bloggers & the Social Commerce Future


Alyse Craun offers a tweet round-up of some helpful stats/thoughts on the Brands, Bloggers & the Social Commerce Future panel.

@monikarun Women spend 40% more time on social networks then men. #sxsw #brandblog @LisaStone

@vitrue Blog Power! 5 years ago 64% bought based on blogger rec. Now it’s 87% #sxsw #brandblog

@alyssakiefer: Influencer will talk about your brand, advocate will fight for it. #brandblog #sxsw

@ashleymaddocks  Women control 83% of household spending and 87% buy products based on blogger recommendations #brandblog #sxsw

@McClennan Pinterest’s recommendations trust level is equal to blogs and higher than twitter and facebook #mslgroupsx #sxsw #brandblog

@vitrue The power of human connections: Commercial revenue from blogger recommendations outperformed CPM ads by 4-16% #brandblog #sxsw

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