Clever exaggeration


Here´s a poster ad by Jung Von Matt for Mercedes-Benz that particularly impressed me – there are so many print ads out there that use visual hyperbole, but here the graphical technique is pushed that little bit further – creating an amusing little conversation in your head: “Hmm, imagine how quick my braking reactions would be if my nerve endings were made shorter – because my head was connected to my foot… How funny!”

What´s so great about this idea is that it’s done in a  quick, simple and arresting manner; I picked it out on Monday from all the shortlisted campaigns and it happened to win a Bronze Lion on Wednesday.



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  • Wow. This ad may be too clever?? I wonder if the average reader would get it. I do find the choice of model and shoe to be noteworthy. Would this ad be as effective if it featured a man? And with what persona/class/attitude?

    July 6, 2011

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