Fresh Eyes Versus Experienced Eyes


Cannes brings the best of the best together from all around the world. Some are industry veterans. Some are fresh new talent. And we wondered: Do they have different perspectives on the work? On the festival? On the future? Some intrepid footwork told a tale…

We asked several festival newbies their opinions, and compared them to those of veterans of the Cannes experience. Here’s a snippet of their thoughts on Cannes, the work, and upcoming trends in advertising to watch for.

Marie from Paris is in Cannes for the first time.
When we approached her, she had just arrived and was looking through the Outdoor Lions entries. She thought all the work was great and really fun. Her take on the future? “It’s hard to say. I think, we have already done every idea before. Maybe there will be new products and new technologies, and with that new ways of advertising.”

Luc from Belgium, now on his sixth visit to Cannes.
He thought that many of the entries were product-related ideas, focusing more on techniques than on communicating a message. His take: It’s social movement, not advertising. He also noted, with what seemed to be surprise (or disappointment?), that some of the work looked “like 2000.”  His opinion on future trends: “Social media will lose its lustre over the next 5 years. Will we create any new trends? No. I think, with advertising, we jump on the trends. We make them better. We can’t create them.”

Miada, a student from Brazil, in Cannes for the first time.
Miada enthusiastically described the Print and Outdoor media as “amazing,” and said that it was further inspiring her goal to become an art director.  Where does she think advertising is going? “I think social media in general, like Facebook and Tumblr … Online is  going to be stronger than offline in the future.”

Finally, we spoke with Ossama from Lebanon, a festival returnee.
How does this year’s festival stack up? Ossama thought that this year’s work had much better quality than last year’s, especially in Ambient and Outdoor. “Definitely much better!” In particular, he liked a Panadol entry for Outdoor, and the virtual Tesco grocery store from Korea (which went on to win the Grand Prix in the Media Category). And where is advertising going? “I thought the trends were literally going digital, towards really stunning ideas … ideas evoking emotions, evoking touch points, bringing consumers closer to the brands.”

-MG, AK, KC.


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