Getting a buzz from the glam at Cannes


There is no doubt that Cannes is all about the creative work, but it’s also about being witness to a little bit of glamour and excitement too. After watching Robert Redford talking in the flesh today I got a silly little buzz, the kind you get when you see a celebrity in the street.

Well it turned out to be a great day for feeling glamourous and getting a buzz because in the evening at the SAY media beach party, my colleagues and I had the privilege of watching a very up-close and intimate performance from one of our favourite UK bands from recent years, Friendly Fires. And what a show it was. We watched the energetic and note perfect performance standing only meters from the band, and had the pleasure of dancing next to the lead singer Ed Mcfarlane every time he left the stage to dance with the crowd. I’d seen them perform before but this show was truly special and something I will never forget.

As one who missed the advertising excesses of the 80’s where rumour has it, ad folk lived a bit like rock stars, it’s┬ánice to be reminded that even in these times of tight budget advertising there’s still a bit of glamour and excess left in the old girl yet.

If you want to check out Friendly Fires watch this link to their video ‘Hawaiian Air':







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