iBeacons and the Internet of Places


Panelists Chris Fagen (CEO at Key Ring), John Boyd (COO at ShopSavvy), Laura Kelso (senior product manager at Allrecipes), and Todd Dipaola (CEO at inMarket) participated in a discussion on how brands are engaging with consumers through mobile technology that enables relevant and contextual marketing.

During the talk, these five takeaways emerged:

1) The basics: iBeacons can be used to alert consumers about offers and promotions via app-push notifications as they move throughout a physical location, such as a retail store environment.

2) Precision locating: 60-70% of consumers enable location services in an app when prompted. iBeacons can target these consumers and estimate a user’s location within five meters. The technology can determine whether a consumer is in Aisle 4 shopping for soup or Aisle 5 shopping for ice cream.

3) More than mobile coupons: “Cost reduction with personal relevance” is the biggest motivator for consumers, according to the panelists. Technology can be leveraged at the point of purchase to inform consumers about a product, potentially enhancing the in-store experience.

4) ROI: The panelists indicated that the service iBeacons provides is measurable, and a given brand’s cost-per-acquisition can easily be determined.

5) Context is king: Know your customer’s state of mind.  As long as a push notification is relevant to the customer, it’s likely to be seen as valuable and welcome. Keep messaging simple, seamless, and frictionless.

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