Latin Spirit


I just came out of a great talk by Alex Pallete, chief strategy officer at PICNIC, Madrid, and Sergio Alcocer, president and chief creative officer of LatinWorks. In “Latin: The Hottest New Brand?,” they discussed Latin-American culture’s inspiration for creativity and innovation.

They focused on a few concepts to explain the strength of “Lo Latino” in building brands:

1) Work without a plan: Latins are hackers; they are good at solving things. Latins are chaos, so chaos is their best landscape.

2) Create deep connections: Brands must engage in the conversation. They need to build sincere connections with their customers, because contagious emotions are key for building brand positioning. “Latinos” are especially connected to their emotions.

3) Have a can-do attitude: We live in a moment where consumers need not only inspiration but a strong push to overtake limits.

So, if you are Latin, try to push your Latin side to the limit. If you are not Latin, try to connect with the culture.

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