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Show  & Smell 2 – Marketing Experience Beyond the Visual

This hands-on panel played to all of the senses with “science-lab” type live-demos of emerging technologies, bridging the digital and physical worlds. David Polinchock of AT&T AdWorks talked about how the senses help prepare the brain for what it is about to experience, making connections to that experience even stronger.

The lab team baked up a scent-inducing experience of what they called “Miami,” a special scent the city commissioned. The panel went into demos of other technologies such as near-field-communication (NFC), heralding it as the next big thing for smartphones (at least those one the android platform, that is). They reviewed a new product by a company called Tactus: a tactile keyboard on a tablet screen, where upon a command, a touchable keyboard “rises” out of the screen.

They also touched on 3D printing, a theme of this year’s SXSW covered at the Friday keynote, and a flexible display that could be the future of computer monitors. The most valuable take-aways from this are to think beyond the typical 2-D experience of sight/sound that pervades our current broadcast system and explore how we can appeal to, entertain, and enhance a consumer’s experience through other senses.

New technology is making what was only a sci-fi dream now a reality.


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  • Would’ve loved to have seen that panel. Emerging Tech makes my nerd senses go crazy for more of the future.

    Drew Lewis
    March 11, 2013

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