The Connected SxSW – Virtually and in Person


With the number of sessions, panels and events at SxSW, there is no shortage of inspiration, insights and the ability to see overall trends.

An equally important part of the SxSW conference is to create a dialog and have conversations with people at the conference and back in the office. There is a huge diversity of people at SxSW, which make the conversions even more interesting, as well as many opportunities to network and connect with people.

As an example, I enjoyed the Backyard Brunch we hosted with fellow Y&R Group siblings Y&R, VML and PPR, as well as the WPP Stream event. Connected with clients, partners and friends from all over the world, SxSW has become a global melting pot.

After Drew Lewis’ interesting session “Get Verified or Go Home,” it was clear that the right connections would help you get verified. It is not really about the number of followers, likes, etc., but who knows who. It has always been like this, and I guess it will always be that way.

The social media channels can help us generate connections that normally would have been harder to get. But you still have to provide value to create the right connections.

In a laid-back session, Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick explained ten power tips to achieve the maximum results from your social media efforts.

Their 10 tips are:

  1. 1.  Be valuable
  2. 2. Be clever
  3. 3. Be gracious
  4. 4. Be organized
  5. 5. Be dramatic
  6. 6. Be optimal
  7. 7. Be bold
  8. 8. Don’t be clueless
  9. 9. Be active
  10. 10. Be curious


After a question came from the audience about how well social media sells, it was reiterated: Social media is marketing, not sales.


You can see the presentation here, which has good examples and practical applications for social media marketing for the amplification of your brand – personal or corporate.


Virtual or physically – stay connected and stay in touch.

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