The Rise of Inspirational Leadership


Dov Seidman looks at the world and asks says, “how”, not “how to”. The founder and CEO of LRN has helped companies foster ethical cultures that create an environment of innovation. Seidman, called “the hottest advisor on the corporate virtue circuit” by Fortune, made the case for creating self-governing cultures and rethinking leadership. For example, on a flight to Las Vegas Seidman overheard the captain of a Southwest Airlines flight tells the passengers that if they were to fasten their seat belts at a certain that would have, “good luck at the tables.”  Seidman’s point was that the pilot was not reading this out of a manual, but had done so on his own initiative thanks to a culture of autonomy and trust. The net result was six minutes was saved in departure time making Southwest more efficient on fuel and increasing customer satisfaction. This small action demonstrated how one company “outbehaves” the competition helping lead to higher performance.

Wunderman Report’s Andrew Sexton caught up with Dov at the book signing for “How – Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything.”  and asked him how his thinking could be applied to brands and marketers.


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  • / As I stated in my piece for’s 2010 CSR wrap up which seems to be eaepparring in a number of places on the web, globalization is fueling a more universal consciousness regarding the intertwined futures of all people on the planet.The concept of shared fate – that what happens to some of us has an impact on what happens to the rest of us – is more than just a philosophical perspective. As we increasingly understand the cause and effect of our actions – particularly those that are separated by both distance and time (making it harder to observe and easier to deny) – we must become more deliberately conscious about our actions.The concept of ‘not in my backyard’ is obsolete in a global world; when we become aware that, even on a massive global scale, everyone’s backyard is someone else’s front yard.The Earth, as vast as it is, is not infinite. With the exception of the errant asteroid and occassional spacecraft our very existence depends on a closed system. What happens here, stays here; whether or not the consequences are understood or intended. While most often applied to questions surrounding the enviroment; this also applies to ethical behavior (think of the global financial collapse), social justice, etc. Thank you for all you do, Jeff, to move forward this thinking.

    April 10, 2012

  • awwww…you took mine!Kidding – this is a fantastic list, Martin!!A few oeilds (probably covered in some way or another in your list): – Surveys as marketing – Contests – Creating authentic value in the space (i.e. be a valuable member of the tribe – something you do naturally!) – Also kind of covered: Social Couponing — Groupon!!

    April 14, 2012

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